What would you improve for your education at UK?



To improve my education here at UK, one thing I would improve is the quality of the teaching. Some teachers just stand up at the front of the class rambling on and on, not caring if the students are paying attention, and not bothering to take attendance to see if all students are there. These classes should be more interactive. Students should be asked to participate more, as it will help with understanding the topic. Another thing I would change to improve my education is the length of the classes. So many people complain that 50 minute classes are too long, but I completely disagree. I feel that 50 minutes 3 times a week is no where near enough time for us to learn all the material they expect us to. If the classes were longer, by 30 minutes at the least, this would allow us to have the time to actually learn the topic, instead of just memorizing facts long enough to pass the test, then never thinking about them again.




DREAMers 2-20-14

Today in class we had a guest speaker.  His name was Dr. Steve Pavey. I believe that Dr. Pavey’s book is great. I also believe that the work that the “DREAM”ers, Marco, and the others are doing is great. Raising awareness for undocumented immigrants that are not a risk to society that there are ways to get them out of detainment facilities is a risky thing for them to do. But, I’m glad they are doing it. Whether someone is undocumented or not, they do not deserve to be held in places that are basically prisons. If there were more people fighting for the rights of these people, then our society would be a better place.





Learning Spanish

In high school they kept telling us that we had to learn a foreign language in order to get into college. I kept thinking that learning Spanish would be “so cool”. I was wrong. It was one of the hardest things i have tried to do. The language confused me. When i started the class, i had been told that Spanish was easy. The language just confused me. I have now resorted to learning french, and I find it to be much easier.



My brother and I have been close for years. When I have a problem, its him that i talk to. My brothers father was Mexican. It sounds weird to say because we never draw attention to it. I asked my mom about him, and she said that he was undocumented. My mother first met him in St. Anne, Illinois, when she was 18. She knew him for a few years before she got with him and had my brother. He left before my brother was ever born. They never had contact with each other after he left, although they did run into each other when my brother was 5. We have never drawn attention to my brothers heritage before, and my brother has no intent to. I wonder how things would be different if he had been raised learning about his other heritage. 



The other day i was sitting in the lounge on my floor, when two girls walked in. They looked at the stove and saw that there were pans of food sitting on it. One of the girls said “those stupid Mexicans”. What surprised me is that the girl that said this was African American. The fact that she, of all people, would be the one to say this is surprising.  Racism was, and still is, one of the many problems in our society. There have been movements to try to educate everyone about the different races, but it seems like most of the population is set in their ways. I know many people who were taught from the time they were really little to dislike anyone whose skin was a different color than theirs. Some of my family, and even my boyfriend were raised like this. I will even admit that before i came to UK i was racist. I wasn’t a radical that hated every black/mexican person i saw, i was just taught that they were different, and that there were beneath me. It wasn’t until I actually got to college, and met one of my best friend here (who is African american), that I realized that they are not any lesser than i am, and that what i was taught was wrong. I feel like this realization does not happen in enough in today’s society. 


Education not deportation, and “the one thing you’re not supposed to do”

I believe that this video, was made with good intentions, and it provides very useful information for immigrants. This video was made by Dreamers Adrift. I believe that their use of social media to help with knowledge for immigrants, and other people, is great. I believe that the reason why younger immigrants are doing things/breaking rules they’re not supposed to, it to draw attention for their cause. This would help because it would cause people to support these immigrants. The fact that these people would just go and quit their jobs and get arrested to go to deportation jails, just to help others stay in the U.S, is amazing.


The “American Dream” and “it’s our problem too”

Hearing that the Mexicans version of the American dream is to go back to Mexico is surprising to me. I hadn’t thought that could even be an option for them. I believe that if more Mexicans actually fulfilled that version of the American dream, then the Mexican economy would boost. I believe that Mexicans that plan on doing this should be given temporary visas, that would allow Them to stay in the United States long enough for them to be able to build their houses in Mexico and be able to support their family. The fact that the Mexican economy is bad is our problem as well, because that is a driving force of many immigrants. I agree with my classmates when they say we should use the 12 billion dollars,that is currently being used on the border, to build the Mexican economy. That would cause the number of immigrants from Mexico to Decrease, because, They would have resources available for me in Mexico. This would allow us to focus on more important things In our society.