What would you improve for your education at UK?



To improve my education here at UK, one thing I would improve is the quality of the teaching. Some teachers just stand up at the front of the class rambling on and on, not caring if the students are paying attention, and not bothering to take attendance to see if all students are there. These classes should be more interactive. Students should be asked to participate more, as it will help with understanding the topic. Another thing I would change to improve my education is the length of the classes. So many people complain that 50 minute classes are too long, but I completely disagree. I feel that 50 minutes 3 times a week is no where near enough time for us to learn all the material they expect us to. If the classes were longer, by 30 minutes at the least, this would allow us to have the time to actually learn the topic, instead of just memorizing facts long enough to pass the test, then never thinking about them again.