The other day i was sitting in the lounge on my floor, when two girls walked in. They looked at the stove and saw that there were pans of food sitting on it. One of the girls said “those stupid Mexicans”. What surprised me is that the girl that said this was African American. The fact that she, of all people, would be the one to say this is surprising.  Racism was, and still is, one of the many problems in our society. There have been movements to try to educate everyone about the different races, but it seems like most of the population is set in their ways. I know many people who were taught from the time they were really little to dislike anyone whose skin was a different color than theirs. Some of my family, and even my boyfriend were raised like this. I will even admit that before i came to UK i was racist. I wasn’t a radical that hated every black/mexican person i saw, i was just taught that they were different, and that there were beneath me. It wasn’t until I actually got to college, and met one of my best friend here (who is African american), that I realized that they are not any lesser than i am, and that what i was taught was wrong. I feel like this realization does not happen in enough in today’s society. 


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