My brother and I have been close for years. When I have a problem, its him that i talk to. My brothers father was Mexican. It sounds weird to say because we never draw attention to it. I asked my mom about him, and she said that he was undocumented. My mother first met him in St. Anne, Illinois, when she was 18. She knew him for a few years before she got with him and had my brother. He left before my brother was ever born. They never had contact with each other after he left, although they did run into each other when my brother was 5. We have never drawn attention to my brothers heritage before, and my brother has no intent to. I wonder how things would be different if he had been raised learning about his other heritage. 


One thought on “Family

  1. Heather, I have you down for all five blogs this round.

    This part of your family history is interesting. Your brother might follow up more on this later, but it’s also, I think, worth asking your mother more about, because, especially in places like Kentucky, “mixing” doesn’t happen very often. That is, mostly the different folks keep to themselves, unless they live near one another. In Illinois, I think things are different–especially in Chicago.

    I’m glad you enjoyed Dr. Pavey’s visit. What do you think about him getting arrested for the movement?

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