The “American Dream” and “it’s our problem too”

Hearing that the Mexicans version of the American dream is to go back to Mexico is surprising to me. I hadn’t thought that could even be an option for them. I believe that if more Mexicans actually fulfilled that version of the American dream, then the Mexican economy would boost. I believe that Mexicans that plan on doing this should be given temporary visas, that would allow Them to stay in the United States long enough for them to be able to build their houses in Mexico and be able to support their family. The fact that the Mexican economy is bad is our problem as well, because that is a driving force of many immigrants. I agree with my classmates when they say we should use the 12 billion dollars,that is currently being used on the border, to build the Mexican economy. That would cause the number of immigrants from Mexico to Decrease, because, They would have resources available for me in Mexico. This would allow us to focus on more important things In our society.


One thought on “The “American Dream” and “it’s our problem too”

  1. Heather, I have you down for 3 blogs this round 3/5.

    Feel free to expand on any of these posts for your next assignment. Be sure to add researched sources as well as you expand what you have.

    With what you have here, I’m wondering if you are advocating for a “legal non-citizen” status. What kinds of rights would be people have? I think you are saying that workers would send there money back, or invest back in Mexico by working in the USA. Would they get minimum wage? Or would they be paid in Mexican wages standards in the USA?

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