Living international

Recently, i moved dorms which caused me to be face with a challenge…… three challenges actually. My room mate and both of my suite mates are Brazilian. I know that doesn’t sound like challenge to most of you, but there is a language barrier that is like a wall. its like a border, separating my room mate and my self, it keeps us from communicating all the time, but it doesn’t stop her from talking to our neighbors. Its UN-nerving, not understanding what is being said. Sometimes i wish i could jump that border, just so i can at least try to see what i can do to become friends with her. But, sadly this is only a figurative border, that when tried to be jumped, ends up with me being screamed at in Portuguese for an unknown amount of time. So, i guess the wall will stay for now, and for who knows how long, until I can finally cross that border.


My room mate and I have been communicating more, but we still dont talk as often as i would like. She recently has been more distant towards me. I also have noticed that where she is from such a warm country, she loves to turn the thermostat up to 85 degrees every day. This has become a problem. Because of the constant changes in temperature both inside and outside of my room, it has cause me to have a severe sinus infection. (yuck) But, back to my room mate. I have noticed that she only has one group of friends, and those are the other Brazilians that are on my floor. I hope that they decide to branch out and make new friends before they make the trip back to Brazil in May.


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