Response to Fault Lines

I believe that the Dream Activists are a great group of people. I understand that children that cross the border with their parents are considered illegal, but they had no choice in their coming here. The fact that there are people willing to risk their own detainment in order to help other immigrants gain rights, is amazing. If there were more Americans were like these people, then our nation would be a better place.


One thought on “Response to Fault Lines

  1. Heather, I have you down for 6/10 points this round, since you have three posts published. The next posts will count for the next round.

    With what you have here about the DREAMers, you might also consider the flaws in their arguments. After all, why should they gain citizenship just because their parents broke the law? Should their parents be deported? Should their parents be granted citizenship? Or should they be granted something different than citizenship?

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