Class notes 1-21-14 in response to Immersion

I believe that Moises is happy to see his brother because he knows that his brother is supporting him. I think that next, the guy that was in room with the teacher before the test will end up finding one of the Spanish tests to help Moises to succeed. I think that Moises will end up passing the test, and will prove to the teacher and principal that just because there are students that do not speak English, that does not mean that they are not smart, and able to do what the rest of the students can. The fact that Moises can not go to college is very bothersome. There are some Americans that take the college experience for granted, and they cause the system to be harsh on others. If there was a way for Moises to go to college, i believe that he would thrive and go on to do great things. He could even be one of the people who help find the cure for cancer. Overall, i believe that Moises will be successful, and be able to achieve almost everything he wants.



One thought on “Class notes 1-21-14 in response to Immersion

  1. A lot of DREAMers make the same argument you do here about going to college. And even still, once they graduate, they may not have the ability to use their education for work.

    I hope Moises keeps working hard. It’s sad that this is his first test in the US. He’s just arrived, in other words. And he gets bullied and has a hard time with learning the language. He seems motivated though.

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