The “American Dream” and “it’s our problem too”

Hearing that the Mexicans version of the American dream is to go back to Mexico is surprising to me. I hadn’t thought that could even be an option for them. I believe that if more Mexicans actually fulfilled that version of the American dream, then the Mexican economy would boost. I believe that Mexicans that plan on doing this should be given temporary visas, that would allow Them to stay in the United States long enough for them to be able to build their houses in Mexico and be able to support their family. The fact that the Mexican economy is bad is our problem as well, because that is a driving force of many immigrants. I agree with my classmates when they say we should use the 12 billion dollars,that is currently being used on the border, to build the Mexican economy. That would cause the number of immigrants from Mexico to Decrease, because, They would have resources available for me in Mexico. This would allow us to focus on more important things In our society.


Post office/ taxpayers money

I believe that if the postal service was privatized, then it would be better. The postal system currently is flawed. Being privatized would cause it to be more expensive, but, it would also cause it to be faster and more accurate. People say that the postal service is fine as is, but They lose almost as many packages as FedEx does. Privatizing that service would allow taxpayer money to go to better causes, such as lowering the national debt, or helping with the poverty rates. The money could also be used to help build schools in uneducated areas, as well as helping with the overall wellness of The economy.


Living international

Recently, i moved dorms which caused me to be face with a challenge…… three challenges actually. My room mate and both of my suite mates are Brazilian. I know that doesn’t sound like challenge to most of you, but there is a language barrier that is like a wall. its like a border, separating my room mate and my self, it keeps us from communicating all the time, but it doesn’t stop her from talking to our neighbors. Its UN-nerving, not understanding what is being said. Sometimes i wish i could jump that border, just so i can at least try to see what i can do to become friends with her. But, sadly this is only a figurative border, that when tried to be jumped, ends up with me being screamed at in Portuguese for an unknown amount of time. So, i guess the wall will stay for now, and for who knows how long, until I can finally cross that border.


My room mate and I have been communicating more, but we still dont talk as often as i would like. She recently has been more distant towards me. I also have noticed that where she is from such a warm country, she loves to turn the thermostat up to 85 degrees every day. This has become a problem. Because of the constant changes in temperature both inside and outside of my room, it has cause me to have a severe sinus infection. (yuck) But, back to my room mate. I have noticed that she only has one group of friends, and those are the other Brazilians that are on my floor. I hope that they decide to branch out and make new friends before they make the trip back to Brazil in May.


Response to Fault Lines

I believe that the Dream Activists are a great group of people. I understand that children that cross the border with their parents are considered illegal, but they had no choice in their coming here. The fact that there are people willing to risk their own detainment in order to help other immigrants gain rights, is amazing. If there were more Americans were like these people, then our nation would be a better place.



I believe that there are major differences between hispanics, latinos, and mexicans. Some of these differences include where they people are from, and who they identify with. Many people do not care about the differences, and they use these terms as derrogitory(?) remarks. I feel that just because someone does not speak the same language as you, and they do not directly identify with your cultural group, that  you should not treat them like they are a lesser person. Some of the people that belong to these groups could end up saving your life one day. So treat them with the respect that you would love to receive.


Class notes 1-21-14 in response to Immersion

I believe that Moises is happy to see his brother because he knows that his brother is supporting him. I think that next, the guy that was in room with the teacher before the test will end up finding one of the Spanish tests to help Moises to succeed. I think that Moises will end up passing the test, and will prove to the teacher and principal that just because there are students that do not speak English, that does not mean that they are not smart, and able to do what the rest of the students can. The fact that Moises can not go to college is very bothersome. There are some Americans that take the college experience for granted, and they cause the system to be harsh on others. If there was a way for Moises to go to college, i believe that he would thrive and go on to do great things. He could even be one of the people who help find the cure for cancer. Overall, i believe that Moises will be successful, and be able to achieve almost everything he wants.